#GSRT2065 - G-Spec Prefilter (Dry) - 2 pk.

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Introducing our G-Spec Prefilter for 1/8 scale nitro engines.  These filter 50% of the dirt typically going through an oiled air filter system.  Simply install these around the engines air filter housing and oiled air filter.  These will help prevent dirt build up on the oiled air filter insuring that the engine will still have access to clean air through the carburetor. 

These prefilters have been track tested for the last two years and have proven to be up the challenge in even the most dusty of track conditions.  See for yourself. 

Contains 2 prefilters per package.  (DO NOT OIL)

Please allow 2-3 business days for orders to ship.

To clean:  Use warm water and a cleaner suitable for foam filters, such as No Toil foam filter cleaner.  Soak and agitate by hard for a few minutes and allow to continue soaking for up to 20 minutes.  Then rise out and let air dry.  (May also be cleaned using Dawn dish soap)