#GSRT2019 - 2S - Midnight Cable Series "High Current" LiPo Balance Charge Lead

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Our Midnight Cable Series charge leads mirror our Ghost Cable Series as both are our top of the line products. Each lead is made with the highest level of quality materials and craftsmanship. The Midnight Cable Series emerged from the desire to make charge leads that are so good, you won’t realize they are there. Simply put, racing requires all of your focus and attention, the last thing a racer needs to worry about is making sure their charge leads are functioning properly. We take the time to make sure they do, so you don’t have to. Each lead is made with 10awg wire to support higher charge rates. These leads are equipped with 4mm bullet connectors and terminate to 5mm low profile bullet connectors. These are designed with the racer in mind to meet their demands for performance.

All cables are made to fit 6S balance terminations at the charger so you do not need to trim or modify the connectors. If you need one to fit a 4S or 2S charger, simply email us.

Please allow 2-3 business days for orders to ship. We are a small company and do not hold onto shelves of stock. We make it and get it straight to you. No middleman. Straight up.