I initially started G-Spec RC Tuning as an avenue to share my enthusiasm for, and experiences of, racing RC cars with others in the industry and global community via online through social media.  After finding some of the equipment I was using not quite meeting my race program's needs, I began making my own charge leads and balance leads.  As a result, G-Spec RC tuning products was born.

G-Spec RC Tuning is a small company that makes products that are often overlooked, but yet are essential in being able to deliver consistent performance, whether racing at the track or bashing with friends.  I approach making each product with the highest level of care, craftsmanship, and attention to detail to meet the grueling demands of RC racing.  Each product is track tested and made by hand in Southern California.  If I would not use it in my program, I am not making it.  It's that simple.  No frills, just business.  It is your turn to lead the way.

Now go win!!